Angelo's Pasta and Deli



Meat Lasagna                                    $46 (6-8 people)              $95 (16-18 people)

Baked Ziti with Sausage                  $46 (6-8 people)              $95 (16-18 people)

Baked Ziti without Sausage            $39 (6-8 people)              $82 (16-18 people)

Spinach Manicotti                             $42 (12 pieces)                  $84 (24 pieces)

Cheese Stuffed Shells                     $45 (20 pieces)                 $90 (40 pieces)

Eggplant Parmesan                         $59 (6-8 people)              $118 (16-18 people)

Chicken Parmesan                           $69 (6-8 people)              $138 (16-18 people)


Antipasto Salad                                 $39 (small)                         $49 (large)

3 foot Sub                                           starts at $65 (10-12 people)

Sub platter Coldcuts

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Customer Favorites- Catering Menu

Do you have an event coming up? Trying to prepare all the food for so many people can

be exhausting. Let us do what we do best by providing your guests with authentic Italian food.

Reserve us for your event today

We offer only the freshest ingredients and competitive prices with all our foods.

Let us take some sof the pressure off you by preparing all of your favorite Italian dishes. We have everything you need to create a great event full of delicious food. Check out our catering menu below.

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